Welcome to Never Shopped Out: A Shopaholics Resource.

Here at Never Shopped Out, we’re total shopping addicts, always following the shopping motto (lifted from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, snaps to Mad-Eye Moody) – Constant Vigilance. Like all sports, shopping requires hard work and dedication – plus a few tips here and there!

Why Never Shopped Out?

With the internet and online shopping becoming more and more an integral part of the shopaholics arsenal, we noticed that there just wasn’t one site that pulled together all the resources a shopaholic needs in one handy place. Hence, in December 2006, Never Shopped Out: A Shopaholics Resource was born.

Privacy Policy

Never Shopped Out does not rent, sell, borrow, lend it to the dog, or in any other way share your email address. We do not send emails on behalf of third parties, we don’t flood your inbox with advertising, we just send you one action packed newsletter, once a month, and we always offer you the option to unsubscribe in every single newsletter we send (but we will miss you if you choose to go!).

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